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A proven method for learning Excel is to complete actual Excel documents.  We are providing these in .pdf and .txt file formats. In the beginner tests, students are simply asked to reproduce a PDF document in Excel. This challenges them to learn various formatting and layout techniques, as well as covering some of the basic formulas.

In the intermediate practice tests, users are provided with data and are asked to perform various data analysis.  This data is provided either directly in Excel or via a text file which users will be required to import into Excel and perform data mining and extraction. These tests go beyond the basics of spreadsheet design and manipulation and are effectively provide users with the skills that make Excel so powerful. They aim to replicate real-world challenges.

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Exam 1 | Creating a Simple Profit & Loss Statement
Level: Beginner

The most basic functionality excel, indeed the reason the program was written, was for use in accounting and finance departments. In this exam, students are provided with an income statement in .pdf format, which they are to recreate in Excel. The test is useful not just for accounting personnel, but for anybody who needs to perform calculations in Excel. This can be anything from a personal budget to a supply chain analysis.

 Competencies tested:
  • Cell formatting Basics
  • Sheet naming
  • Creating Layout Standards
  • Using print preview and page breaks
  • Use of formulas
  • Cell formatting
  • Using lines and shading
  • Calculate percentages
  • Using the page setup function
  • Using fonts (size, type, etc...)
  • Custom notes

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Exam 2 | Import a Text File into Microsoft Excel
Level: Intermediate

This test tests a students competency in importing text files into Excel and then completing basic data analysis such as sorting the data and writing simple if and sumif statements. The test also asks the student of make use of the "Subtotal" function. This test has some intentiaonl challenges built into. This is done to simulate real-world issues that present themselves in even the most basic data analysis. 


 Competencies tested:
  • Import text files
  • Knowledge of text qualifiers
  • Ability to format data columns
  • Ability to sort Data
  • Knowledge and competency of If statements
  • Knowledge and competency of SumIf statements
  • Ability to compute Subtotals
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 More tests coming in 2010.






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